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Medical Tourism in South Africa

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism refers to travelling to another country for the primary purposes of medical procedures or diagnoses. This often involves the travel of these ones from countries that do not have the proper facilities to better-equipped places for the treatment of bad accident injuries or burns or the diagnosis of illnesses that are evading local healthcare professional. However, a large proportion of this type of tourism is now dedicated to those wanting plastic or aesthetic surgery travelling to places in which the surgery is cheaper (or safer) and can be included in a comprehensive travel package.

South Africa is the ideal destination for plastic surgery and is gaining acclaim all over the world for this very reason. There are a number of reasons for this …

1.    Cost

The price of plastic surgery (including liposuction and corrective surgery, like face lifts, implants, etc…) is generally cheaper in South Africa than in many other First World countries around the world.

What makes it even more financially viable is that this type of tourism is tailored for international patients – many of the surgeons work together with other service providers to create a comprehensive package that includes flights, accommodation, surgery, post-operative care and a safari or similar tourist-related experience.

2.    World-class Doctors and Medical Facilities

South Africa boasts fabulous medical facilities that are on a par with some of the best in the world. Public and private hospitals are situated all over the country and are especially advanced in the major metropolitan hubs (such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth).

The doctors and facilities are equipped to handle every aspect of surgery and post-operative medical care. This includes rehabilitation facilities for accident victims, outstanding burns units, plastic surgery amenities, pain management and sleep management centres, and more.

3.    The South African Experience

South Africa is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Choosing this country as the site of your plastic surgery means being able to enjoy all of the benefits of an African holiday while having and recovering from your procedure. While you should enjoy the restful ambience of South Africa for the first few days or weeks after your surgery (depending on the extent of the op), you are still able to enjoy the local restaurants and tourist hubs.

Once recovered, enjoy the country to the full by going on safaris, visiting its many beaches, and drinking in the sheer beauty of the African landscapes. This will, no doubt, be the perfect way to relax and unwind after your surgery.

Medical procedures are hardly exciting, but they can be made significantly more attractive prospects when they are handled with professionalism and within the tranquillity and wonder of a fantastic destination.