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See and Do in Nelspruit


As the capital city of the South African province of Mpumalanga, Nelspruit is an important stopover for visitors from all over the world that are on their way to the renowned Kruger National Park. However, Nelspruit is an impressive tourist town in its own rights. It is a naturally beautiful part of South Africa. Its tropical climate means that the entire region has distinctively lush, fertile vegetation. In addition, it has a unique topography, with craggy outcrops and magnificent rock formations that creates a mystical intrigue around this area.

Nelspruit is only 100 kilometres from Mozambique and 330 kilometres from the commercial and financial epicentre of Johannesburg. This makes it accessible and easy to reach.

The entire region is known for its tropical crops; such as avocado pears, bananas, mangoes and Macadamia nuts. The most prolific of crops in Nelspruit is oranges. These tropical fruit farms and orchards create a spectacular countryside.

As the stopover for tourists visiting a number of the surrounding areas, Nelspruit is equipped to welcome an influx of visitors as well as to accommodate the tourists that are exploring the town and its heritage.

Things to see and do in Nelspruit include:

• The Emnotweni Casino en route to Whiteriver, where excitement and entertainment converge. If luck is on your side, you might even walk away with some spending money for your holiday.

• The Sudwala Caves and nearby Dinosaur Park are not just for children. They are fascinating, exciting and an absolute must for visitors, especially families. The caves are estimated to be some 2 million years old. Stalagmites, stalactites and fossils are found within, revealing a world of mystery.

• The Lowveld Botanical Garden is just outside the town and is nothing short of exquisite. This botanical garden boasts more than 600 plants that are naturally found in this area and 2 000 more species that have been introduced to it. This is a fabulous way to spend a day for young and old alike.

• The Nelspruit Nature Reserve is perfect for outdoorsmen (and –women) and those that love enjoying the pristine beauty of nature. There are a number of walking trails through this reserve, each of which caters to different levels of fitness. Ambling along these paths gives you the opportunity to enjoy the scenery at a comfortable, manageable pace.

• The Nelspruit Historical Walking Trail offers visitors an insight into the history and heritage of this town without boring young ones with hours of historical lectures.

• For those wanting to unwind on the golf course and enjoy the warm tropical climate and fresh air, the Nelspruit Golf Course is just the place to be. It is a favourite amongst visitors to the Kruger National Park and is a great addition to your holiday itinerary.

Although the Kruger National Park is not in Nelspruit itself, it certainly is one of the most significant attractions of the area. It is the largest game reserve in the country and one of the world’s most popular and famous attractions. It covers 20 000 square kilometres and is the habitat of the Big 5 as well as a host of other impressive wildlife.