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Explore Vosburg


Haven’t heard of Vosberg? No, nor had we. And if it weren’t for the recently tarred R384 that links Carnarvon and Britstown to Vosburg (the peaceful village is also linked by gravel to Prieska and Victoria West) it probably would not have featured on our list of dorpies you should consider visiting. Its former highly corrugated, gravel section of road was fit for the 4×4 community and farmers’ bakkies, not townies’ neat sedans.

Now tar has changed things, placing Vosburg firmly on the Namaqualand flower route and bringing greater tourism to the pretty little Karoo town.

To reach Vosburg the R384 heads through the beautiful Kareeberge via the Kareebospoort and Volstruispoort passes. Between the two passes look out for the fine example of a corbelled house that you should be able to see from the road.

This part of the Karoo is renowned for its corbelled houses built between 1811 and 1815 by stacking flat rocks (wood is scarce in the area as there are few trees) one on top of the other, including the dome-shaped roof.

Vosberg lies between Request and Britstown in the upper Karoo, one of many little Karoo towns that exists because it began as a church parish. The rather imposing (for a small town) Dutch Reformed Church is very much a town icon; a beautiful design with wood features by the architect WH Ford that serve as a reason to visit.

The rest of Vosberg is rather pretty too, rich in neo-classical architecture that dates back to the late 18th century offering a blend of Victorian, Edwardian and Karoo-style cottages that are hard to resist. Over twenty of these buildings are national monuments.

Visit the Vosburg Museum for its original and interesting exhibits that include the history and lifestyle of the KhoiSan, the aboriginal people of this part of the Northern Cape, whilst you can contact Keurfontein farm for examples of San rock art.