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Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market

Fresh Goods Market

It seems that Cape Town’s favourite destination on a Saturday morning these days, is to go to Stellenbosch to visit the Fresh Goods Market, situated at Oude Libertas. This amphitheatre style, outdoor and indoor market comprises of an energetic frenzy of food, beverage and craft sellers pedaling their wares and feeding hordes of hungry market goers, every Saturday between 9am-2pm.

The food is fresh, gourmet, trendy and delicious and one is easily swayed to partner brunch with a ‘real’ beer or even a margarita before the Boeing has even flown over! The ample space and rolling lawns on the outskirts of the market give it a feeling of space, allowing for relaxing with friends, while enjoying a smorgasbord of delicious offerings from the market. The ‘slow food’ philosophy at the market, as opposed to fast food, ensures that all the food on offer is independently and ethically produced.

Wafting slowly around the market, we were impressed with the incredibly diverse selection of gourmet food and goods, ranging from beautiful icing sugar dusted cherry pies and handmade chocolate through to artisan breads and cured meats. Some of our favourite goodies on offer included; breakfast wraps and steak sarmies from Jean Nel’s Flamed Weber stand; Arnim & Elke’s German waffles with cream; mushroom skewers from Sheilagh’s Shrooms; Everson’s Cider; Darling beer; Forest Hill cheeses; Chrisna’s Organic Olives; Rushda’s Famous Curry Stand and the impressive gypsy tea caravan run by Lady Bonin!

Carefully procured goods from independent producers in the Cape Winelands means that food is not only fresh and healthy, but is preservative, anti-biotic and chemical free.

We highly recommend heading out to the Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market, by bicycle, car, bus or horse and carriage – just get there – you’ll leave with wonderful memories and basket loads of delicious, fresh goods. Or better still, why not make a weekend of it? Find a great place to stay at in the Cape Winelands and spend the weekend exploring this wonderful region.