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Lighthouses of the Eastern Cape

Mazeppa Bay

Lighthouses were erected generations ago, when ships began arriving to the Eastern Cape coastline for a number of different reasons. Some brought supplies, others carried explorers and still others were delivering slaves. These lighthouses remain as beacons of our heritage and history while still serving as guides for incoming vessels.

The Eastern Cape coastline is home to four major lighthouses. There is also a national tour of the South African lighthouses, which comprises eight different buildings.

The four Eastern Cape lighthouses are:

  1. The Great Fish Point lighthouse on the Sunshine Coast – just 25 kilometres from the surfing hotspot of Port Alfred.
  2. Hoodpoint in East London – this is situated close to a number of excellent swimming and surfing beaches.
  3. Cape St Francis lighthouse – set in the picturesque little town of Cape St Francis, right on the rocks of a small beach, this oozes charm.
  4. Cape Recife lighthouse in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth.

All of these Lighthouses of the Eastern Cape are open to visitors between 10h00 and 15h00 on weekdays.