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Getaway to Plettenberg Bay

Plettenberg Bay

Plettenberg Bay may be a small town, but there are so many exciting things to do there. I had never really spent much time in Plettenberg Bay. This time around, I decided to stay a while …

Plettenberg Bay is absolutely exquisite and lush boasting large lagoons and a stunning coastline. I decided to surprise my husband with a weekend away so we stayed in a gorgeous place known as Bitou River Lodge. All the rooms in this luxury Bed & Breakfast overlook the Bitou River, and canoes are provided for guests to explore the wetland area with its wonderful birdlife.

After we arrived we decided to get a few more snacks and go for dinner at a place that I went to when I was a child. Plettenberg Bay is a small town so we did not expect to find a shopping mall. However, we came across 2 large shopping malls both boasting all amenities and fantastic restaurants.

We headed off for dinner to Moby Dick’s situated right on the beautiful beach. This place definitely boasts the best seafood! As my husband and I feasted on a delectable platter of prawns, muscles, fish and calamari, we were so surprised at how many whales and dolphins we could watch that were close to the shoreline. It was incredible! That is when we decided to go whale and dolphin watching the next day. I had always wanted to go whale watching so I was utterly thrilled at the idea!

The Southern Right Whales migrate their way to the magnificent South African coastline every year to mate, calve and feast. Most can be seen along the Western Cape and especially in Plettenberg Bay. The best time to go whale watching is between July and October.

As we clothed ourselves with scarves and bini’s, my husband realised that he gets very seasick. But we could not resist going! We jumped on the boat with 3 other couples and our guide, named Lindsay, informed us of what was in store. As the boat sped its way into the waves, we prepared for the splash! The sea was rather angry that day. Whenever the boat stopped, it would give way to the giant swells causing it to go up and down. I was the only one, of course, thoroughly enjoying myself and practically hanging off the edge of the boat whilst everyone else was clinging to their seat for dear lives! When I turned around, I could see my husband’s face go green. Until, we saw them. Two whales up close and personal in all their glory! What an awesome sight! It is almost as if the world stops as you admire these endearing creatures. They even breached for us making a rather large splash! I had never thought I would ever see a whale do that. It is a spectacular sight that you mostly witness on postcards. This time, I got to see it for myself. We had the fantastic opportunity to witness at least 6 whales that day.

Dinner and breakfast was spent at a restaurant in the Beacon Isle Hotel situated right on the rocks in the sea. As we feasted on our delectable steak that evening and stuffed ourselves the next morning on the buffet breakfast, we could watch the wave’s crash on the rocks and splash up against the windows! What a perfect way to enjoy our meals.

Plettenberg Bay boasts a large number of superb curio shops where a vast array of interesting and beautiful things can be bought. We made our way to “The Heath” as we do every year. The Heath has a fantastic restaurant, a completely unique furniture shop and superb curio shop where luxurious handmade loofah soaps can be bought. The next stop was “The Potter” where the most beautiful pottery can be bought. There are plenty of things to do in Plett. See more at Plett Info.

Our weekend getaway was spectacular! I was so glad that I chose Plettenberg Bay to surprise my husband and simply relax and unwind. On the way back, we stopped at Monkeyland and Birds of Eden. That became another adventure all on its own, I’ll tell you about that next time!