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Adventure in the Waterberg

Rhino in the Waterberg

The Waterberg is a picturesque region on the border of Botswana, right at the northern edge of South Africa. It is known for its magnificent landscapes and natural abundance in the form of both plant and animal species. For this reason, it is a particular favourite amongst those who love nature and the outdoors. However, it is also a fantastic destination for those that have a penchant for adventure, thrills and discovering new things.

There are a number of local game reserves and nature areas in Waterberg, some of which are provincially owned and managed. These offer game drives, nature walks and bird watching opportunities that are quite unrivalled. D’Nyala Nature Reserve and Marakele National Park are just two of the wonderful natural attractions to which Waterberg is home. These give visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the untouched splendour of wildest Africa.

Hot air ballooning over the local countryside is one of the best ways to experience the sprawling landscapes and the breath-taking vistas of the South African outdoors. Peace and tranquillity converge at dizzying heights. Those that favour these impressive heights but want more of an adrenalin rush are urged to try parachuting and sky diving during their time in Waterberg. Ziplining is another awesome experience that is sure to get the heart racing while inviting visitors to enjoy the views from the perspective of the soaring birds. This involves sliding down a cable, suspended in a harness, swinging free and fast over the land below. Local service providers will ensure the safest of stomach-lurching experiences.

Land safaris on the back of a horse or, even more exciting, an African Elephant is a wonderfully memorable experience. Travel through the local landscapes at a comfortable pace, enjoying the hands-on interaction with these intuitive animals. Elephant back safaris allow you the opportunity to feed and play with these gentle giants and to learn more about their habits and local conservation initiatives.

Game Viewing in the Waterberg

There are several large, inviting dams in the Waterberg Region – namely Mokolo, Doorndraai and Rust de Winter – and these promise some very exciting water sports and water-based relaxing. These include swimming, angling, canoeing, skiing and boating. Those feeling a little less adventurous can simply sit on the banks and enjoy the views, explore the region, or indulge in some serious bird watching or photography.

The abundance of mountains and the varied topography means that the Waterberg is a lovely hiking destination. The many trails offer fantastic views, and are also excellent for mountain bikers that are looking for scenic routes. Always stay well hydrated when heading out on one of these trails. Apply plenty of high-factor sunscreen and wear a quality pair on sunscreen to protect the eyes. Keep a mobile phone on you at all times and ensure that there are people who know where you are.

Your South African getaway is sure to be full of excitement and adventure in the Waterberg, where the high South African sunshine and the cool, fresh breeze inspires the spirit and invigorates the soul.