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Terra-Khaya Backpackers in Hogsback

Terra-Khaya Backpackers in Hogsback

Terra-Khaya is backpacking accommodation in Hogback that prides itself on running and accommodating travellers from all over the world completely “off the grid”.  It is situated on Chillington Farm on the magnificent escarpment of the Amathole Mountains, which drape the horizon around Hogsback.

The aim of this backpackers is to allow visitors to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and flavours of the Hogsback village and the Eastern Cape without leaving a negative impact in their wake. In fact, all visitors are encouraged to leave the backpackers in an even better condition. This is done by offering a free meal for every three hours spent taking out the invasive alien Black Wattle trees around the area and a free night’s accommodation when guests bring an indigenous tree to be planted.

The name Terra-Khaya means “Earth Home”. The accommodation and other buildings have been built using eco-friendly and sustainable materials and techniques, so that the environment does not suffer for the human intrusion. Nestled within such beautiful surrounds, guests are assured of a very special backpacking experience, where the bounty of the earth is showcased. The simplicity in this beauty is the core of its success. Read More »