Friday , 26 May 2017
Explore Langebaan

Explore Langebaan

Just over an hour’s drive north of the Mother City of Cape Town, Langebaan is a quiet little town that is known for its peaceful white beaches, multitude of bird species, and the colourful wild flowers that blanket the region over August and September of every year. It is surrounded by other West Coast favourites like Saldanha Bay, Vredenburg and Geelbek.

Significantly, the Langebaan Lagoon is acclaimed for being home to more than 300 different bird species, which invite bird-lovers to relax on the lagoon’s banks with a pair of binoculars and indulge in the avian display that rolls out before them. Resident species include flamingos and the largest breeding colony of black harriers in the world.

More than this, though, the immaculate conditions of the white beaches of Langebaan continue to be the major lure to the area. Watersports enthusiasts, families with children, honeymooning couples, and groups of friends just looking to have a relaxing summer vacation are drawn to the gorgeous beaches as well as to the lagoon, which has become a veritable watersports hub. These ones can enjoy kayaking, sailing, kite-surfing, fishing and swimming; particularly on the lagoon, which is somewhat mild and protected. During the months of October and November, massive whales can be seen spyhopping, breaching and lobtailing in the waters off the Langebaan coast, creating beautiful spectacles for onlookers.

Langebaan is known for its sunshine, which can be enjoyed almost all year round. Very importantly, it is also an internationally acclaimed wetland, recognised by Ramsar Site for its rich natural resources and value. The fynbos that carpets the countryside is simply breath-taking in its beauty and variety, and is fascinating in its being endemic to South Africa.

The vibe of the town is enhanced by its hosting a number of events, festivals and celebrations throughout the year. This brings well-known South African figures to Langebaan in the West Coast, allowing them to extend their reach and entertain local and international markets. There are also many sporting events and competitions here on an annual basis.

While the scenery is magnificent, the town itself is fairly modern, and has all of the attractions, facilities and amenities including excellent accommodation in Langebaan that tourists from all over the world may require.

This region is also home to the West Coast National Park, which is always a wonderful way to spend a day or two. Explore the fauna and flora from up close, and appreciate the intricacies and splendour of some of South Africa’s more elusive species. Walking, hiking and cycling trails are all popular ways of experiencing this park, which is also known for being home to the oldest recorded fossilised footprint, which is believed to be about 117 000 years old. It is surmised by some that this could have been a remnant of the first known woman to walk the earth, Eve.

Langebaan provides a fabulous balance between peace and adventure, natural beauty and modern conveniences. This makes it the ideal getaway for just about anyone wanting to taste and see the wonders of this unique land.

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